Effective Ways of Identifying and Treating Food Allergies

Food allergy is one of the major health issues many people suffer.

Most of the food allergies are evident in the skin, when breathing, the gut or feeling unwell.

Some of the major symptoms of allergies include swellings, hives, itchiness, rashes, tummy pains, reflux, vomiting, constipation, breath shortness and others.

To help you, here are some of the ways of identifying and treating food allergies.


  • How to identify food allergies

Identifying food allergies can be easy if your symptoms are severe after you eat a certain food.

The problem might arise of you allergic to different foods. When this happens it is good to be attentive and seek professional help.

You should understand the duration it takes for the symptoms to start after you get exposed to the food.

You should also consider the duration the symptoms last. Here are others ways to make the identification of the food allergies.

  • anatomy-254120_640Skin prick testing

In this process, drops of extract of food are placed on your arm. Your skin is then pierced using a small lancet.

This makes it possible for allergen to get into contact with your skin cells.

The test might also be done using the food you think is causing the allergic reactions.

Redness, swelling and itching show positive reaction.

  • Blood test

Blood test helps in determining the level of allergic antibodies in the blood and their main cause.

Food elimination diet

In this method, the food that is thought to cause the allergy is eliminated from the diet for a while.

The food is then reintroduced into the diet. If the allergic reactions go away during the withdrawal period, but return after the reintroduction of the food, it means you are allergic to it.

Other ways include hair analysis, Vega testing and kinesiology.

  • Treating food allergies

Some of the medications used to treat this problem include adrenaline and antihistamines.

  • Antihistamines

They are used to treat mild food allergic reactions.

They work by blocking histamine effects which lead to many of the food allergy reactions.

You can buy them from pharmacies without prescription.

If the allergic reactions persist, you need to seek medical assistance from your doctor.

  • AdrenalineĀ nuts-164765_640

Adrenaline narrows the blood vessels to counteract reactions caused by low blood pressure.

It also helps in opening of the airways to reduce breathing problems.

  • Epinephrine injection

If you suffer from severe food allergies, you might require an emergency epinephrine injection.

This is done in an emergency room and it helps treat the reactions fast.…